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TIMEWAVE - Version 1.3.1

Greg Kennedy


TIMEWAVE is a 2-d space shooter written in C++ using some of the freely available SDL libraries. It runs on both Windows and Linux.

The object of this game is to fight through the mass of enemies in each level, defeat the level boss, and finally destroy the (well-armed) enemy space station far from Earth.

It has an interesting "twist" in which you can alter the flow of time.

Build up your time meter by playing the game in fast-forward. Playing in slow motion affords you some extra maneuvering room but depletes the meter.

There are six levels in this game:

  • Near Earth
  • Nebula Region
  • Debris Area
  • Distant Worlds
  • Deep Space
  • Null Zone

If you achieve a high score, you can choose a color flag to represent your ship and have yourself recorded on the high score table.

Default controls (keyboard)

arrow keys: move your ship
space: fire
left ctrl: "fast forward"
left shift: "slow motion"
enter: start game
p: pause
esc: exit to menu

Default controls (joystick)

directions: move your ship
Button 1: fire / Start
Button 2: "slow motion"
Button 3: "fast forward"
Button 4: pause

Changes in version 1.3.1

  • Numerous internal changes for performance and stability
  • Allow joystick button remapping in config.ini
  • Improved sound effect playback
  • Graphics changes for better visibility, difficulty tweaks
  • gzip compression of most resources
  • MSVC port and a build for Windows XP


All enemy and player artwork by me (made with Blender), as well as starry background and menu images. Space images are lifted from various space news sites, mostly NASA stock photographs.

Music by chromag, subi, 4-mat, 2pac, and emax. Sound effects located using www.findsounds.com or recorded myself.

Timewave is freeware. Users are encouraged to download, share, and run the software as distributed - as long as no fee, monetary or otherwise, is charged for the use or distribution of this software program. No person shall distribute a modified version of the software or any assets within. Email with any questions.


I distribute the game with all the necessary run-time libraries. This notice must be attached to any distribution containing SDL, SDL_mixer or SDL_image:

Please include this notice with the runtime environment: This library is distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL license:
The source is available from the libraries page at the SDL website:


timewave-1.3.1-win32.zip 11 MB

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